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 Literary Feast Dinner Hosts 2018


Mark & Cecelia Weinheimer
Molly Singer and Saleha Attid
Thomas and Mary Edsall
Buck Waller and Michael Hash
Cathie and Tom Woteki
Danica Stanciu
Laura and Jeff Marks
Undine and Carl Nash
Paul Albergo and John Edwards
Cynthia Whittlesey
Connie Tipton and Cynthia Jones
Frank and Rindy O'Brien
Binni Chadda
Kathleen Donner
Daniel Shultz and Mike Ryan
Denny Lane and Naoko Aoki
Michelle Adelson and Suzi Evans
Steve and Maygene Daniels
Sharon Swingle and Frank Medina
Suzanne Wells and Mike Godec
Andrea and Mike Ryan
Phil and Sarah Guire
Scott and Julie Aaronson
Carrie Bean Stute and David Stute
Monica Mills and Diane Shust
Erica and Howard Pressman

Kellie Robertson and Michael Whitmore
Ann and Jack Womeldorf
Jeff and Judy Zippin
Wes and Sky Hallman
Jill Pike and Carsten Schmidt
Linda Meixner and Gabriella Boston
Donny Kirsch
Elizabeth Nelson and Nick Alberti
Linda Lenrow Lopez
Barbara and Jim Loots
KK Ottesen & Matthew Wheelock
Alex and Bo Huttinger
Monica Warren-Jones and Sandy Warren
James Miller and Fynnette  Eaton
Roger Tauss  & MaryLynn Qurnell
Steve Holtzman & Patrica Cleves
Jared and Anna Weaver
Steve Norton and Alison Feighan
Vicki Butler and Tim Carney
Josh and Gabby Batkin and Hayden Milberg
Sandra Moscoso Mills and Floyd Mills
Brian and Elisabeth Pate


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Martha Huizenga
Todd Cymrot
Nicky Cymrot
Brian Pate
Andrea Ryan
Jeanne Harrison
Karen Lyon
Vicky Winter
Gabriella Boston
Floyd Mills
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