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 Literary Feast Dinner Hosts 2019


Scott and Julie Aaronson and Phil Guire
Michele and Mark Adelson
Paul Albergo and John Edwards and
Don Montuori
Lisa and Derek Bandera
Derek Bowley and Tim Prestridge
Vicki Butler and Tim Carney
Stephanie Deutsch and
Jennifer Wilkinson
Kathleen Donner and Mary Withum
Carol Edwards
Suzi and Gary Evans
Danielle Ewen and Bob Scher
Christal and Eric Goetz
Wes and Silvana Hallman
Diana and Finis Jeffery
Denny Lane and Naoko Aoki
Jackie and Jason Lay
James M and Barbara Loots
Laura and Jeff Marks
Alastair McFarlane and Sonja Walti
Linda Meixner and Gabriella Boston
Norman and Nancy Metzger
Floyd and Sandra Moscoso Mills

Jennifer Newton and Gary Abrecht
Agnieszka Paczynska and Terrence Lyon
Charles and Susan Parsons
Aubrey and Carrise Hipol Parsons
Brian and Elizabeth Pate
Jill Pike and Carsten Schmidt
Sarah and Todd Richardson
Berna Rodman, Ann Geracimos, and
Skip Thompson
Betsy and Mike Rutkowski
Andrea and Mike Ryan
Maureen Shea and Kenn Allen
Edith Shine and Mark Sherman
Amy Shilo
Daniel Shultz and Mike Ryan
Catherine and Phillip Smith
Danica Stanciu
Genevieve Taft-Vazquez
Mark and Cecelia Weinheimer
Robert Weinstein and Judith Capen Suzanne Wells and Mike Godec
Vera Oyê Yaa-Anna and Steve R. Mayer
Jeff and Judy Zippin


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Todd Cymrot
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