thanks to our hosts

 Literary Feast Dinner Hosts 2016


Agnieszka Paczynska and
Terrence Lyons
Amy Clement and Isabelle Dikland
Annie Mach and Dan Rausch
Barbara & David Ochmanek
Bill & Sylvia Peterson
Binni Chadda
Brenda Sanchez
Brian & Elisabeth Pate
Buck Waller and Mike Hash
Cathie and Tom Woteki
Dan Shultz and Susan Van Note
Danica Stanciu
Denny Lane and Naoko Aoki
Diane and Scott Douglas
Donna and Rob Sokol
Donny Kirsch
Erica and Howard Pressman
Genevieve Taft-Vazquez
James and Barbara Loots
James Corless and Diana Williams
Jason and Ana Townsend
Jason and Paige Kowalski
Jennifer Tschantz and Gregg Coorrs


Jill Pike and Carsten Schmidt
Kathleen Brown & Larry Bruneel
Kristi Smith and James Hollis
Laura & Jeffrey Marks
Linda Lenrow Lopez
Lori Grisham and Patrick Cooper
Mark & Cecelia Weinheimer
Mike and Andrea Ryan
Monica Warren-Jones & Maurice Perry
Phil Guire and Sarah Wilson
Rindy and Frank O'Brien
Sandra & Floyd Mills
Scott and Julie Aaronson
Seth & Meg Shapiro
Sharon Swingle & Frank Medina
Silvana Rubino-Hallman and
Wesley Hallman
Susan Shattuck Benson
Suzanne Wells and Mike Godec
Tamara Fucile and Todd Watterson
Tim Fenton and Stacie Mruk
Tom and Ellie Hamburger
Vicki Butler and Tim Carney
Vicky Winter


Special Thanks to our Organizers

Martha Huizenga
Todd Cymrot
Nicky Cymrot
Brian Pate
Andrea Ryan
Jeanne Harrison
Karen Lyon
Hunt Smith Design
Hill Rag
Cathi Smith
Hill Center
David Guas & Bayou Bakery
Schneider's of Capitol Hill